buck a shuck thursday

Clams & Oysters on the half shell, $1

available in the dining room from 4:00 pm to close

Is there anything better than spending a day at the shore, followed by buck-a-shuck raw clams and oysters on the half shell? We didn’t think so. Join us at Oceanside Seafood for Avalon NJ’s favorite destination for fresh, local seafood!

Bring your favorite wine or beer to our BYOB restaurant, and prepare for the seafood experience you’ve been waiting for. $1 fresh raw oysters and clams on the half shell!

On Thursdays, from 4:00 pm to close, visit Oceanside to enjoy fresh, local clams and oysters. Varieties vary by local freshness and availability (if they’re not catching it fresh locally, we’re not selling it!), but we frequently have:


Delaware Bay Oysters - Briny oysters with a sweet, nutty astringency. The Delaware Bay oyster has been prized for over 200 years for their flavor and their plump, firm meat.

Long Island Oysters - A consistently fresh, crisp, firm texture, with a sweet aftertaste that sparkles with salinity.

Cape May Salts - The perfect balance of sweetness and brine.   Earthy, umami notes, with a clean finish.


Top Neck Clams - Sweet and reminiscent of the ocean, they are a true clam lover’s pick.

If you’d like more specifics on what we currently have available, please give us a call at (609) 368-2114